Pet Memorial Park
400 South Street
Foxboro, MA 02035


The choice is clear

Pet Memorial Park was created in 1974 with one purpose in mind ... to provide a cemetery which would reflect the love and affection of sensitive human beings for their loved pets. Today, Pet Memorial Park is considered the finest facility of its kind in the United States. It has been the subject of countless television documentaries as well as magazine and newspaper articles.

Pet Memorial Park is conveniently located in Foxborough, Massachusetts on a seventeen acre site of gently rolling hills. One can find comfort in the vistas of natural beauty and the dignified atmosphere. From the main road, a sweeping driveway leads up to a knoll where the administrative offices are located.

The wide, circular drive in front of the building, exquisitely landscaped, serves as a focal point. Paved roads surround each of the five named sections so that cars may be parked close to the burial sites.

You have a choice...
  1. Individual cremation service is available, please contact our office for arrangements.

  2. You may wish to have your pet laid to rest at beautiful Pet Memorial Park, in which case we will handle all the details.

  3. You may ask your Veterinarian to take care of the final disposition of your pet for you.

Pet Memorial Park is also concerned with living creatures and has become a bird sanctuary. The Goldfinch, Robin, Rosy Breasted Grosbeak, Redpoll, Purple Finch, Cardinal, Blue Jay, Oriole, Nuthatch, Titmouse, Junco, Pine Siskin and a host of other colorful birds are attracted to our feeders and berry bearing shrubs through out the year, filling the air with their cheerful songs.

Flower beds, as well as flowering trees and shrubs, lend a feeling of charm to further enhance the park like atmosphere. There are no upright monuments to mar the esthetic quality of the surroundings. Instead, bronze markers are placed flush with the verdant lawns.

Private Burial Service...

Preferences vary, as do financial circumstances, but in general, the site selected, the quality of appointments and the extent of special services determine the costs of Private Burial Service.

Arrangements are generally made at our offices where you may select the burial site, type of casket and grave marker.

Call us directly or ask your Veterinarian to call us for you. Budget terms may be arranged for Before Need Purchase.

Here we are concerned with feelings as well as beauty and are dedicated to the easing of pain at the loss of a loved pet. You will find our staff thoughtful and understanding in every way.

If your choice is individual cremation....

Pet Memorial Park has constructed the most modern cremation facility in New England, specifically designed for pet cremation.

Because of the large number of pets entrusted to our care, we have devised a system which assures that only your pet's ashes will be returned to you, if this is your wish.

Again, if your choice is individual cremation you may prefer to have the ashes interred here in our beautiful cemetery, to have the ashes scattered in our Flower Garden, or to have the ashes returned to you. Call us for complete details.

It's easy to reach Pet Memorial Park. We are just 2 1/2 miles from the center of town on a wide, well paved road. Foxborough is just a few minutes from several major highways such as Routes 495, 95, 1 and 140 which runs through Foxborough Center.


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